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Be a Friend

There are many different ways you can "Be a Friend " and help the animals at the City's Animal Care Centers. Though the Animal Welfare Department is funded by the City of Albuquerque, the sheer volume of animals which are cared for by their three locations means that there are always funding gaps for those things which make the life at the shelter just a little better for the animals.  We are "The Friends" when there is a need!  Check out some of the ways we're able to help:


VOLUNTEER.  If you have some time to "spare", consider becoming an Animal Care Center Volunteer.    Kennel Kompadres is proud to support the volunteers and their good work!  What better way to help the animals than to help counsel prospective adopters, greet and help the public, and care for and socialize the animals.  You can choose!  Be a foster parent, work with the "Fraidy Cats", walk the dogs, or help teach "social skills."  The choice is yours!  Because the  budget for this program is limited, we happily fill in the gaps, especially when it comes to providing recognition for these hard-working folks.  Volunteers supply the work, we supply the pizza!!

CLEAN THOSE CLOSETS.  You might be able to help the Animal Care Centers fill their "Wish List."  The following items are always in demand:

  • Dog and cat grooming supplies, including shampoos, combs and clippers
  • Carriers and crates (all sizes)
  • Old towels
  • Small, washable rugs or mats
  • Canned dog and cat food (mushy kind for old dogs, puppies and kittens)
  • Dog and cat toys (must be new or able to be disenfected
You can drop off these items at the Eastside Animal Care Center, 8920 Lomas NE, or the Westside Animal Care Center at 11800 Sunset Gardens NW.  If you have other items which you would like to donate please call us at 897-0464 to determine acceptability.  Your donations may be tax deductible.  If you would like your donation acknowledged by a receipt, please call us and we will mail one to you.

CASH DONATIONS.  Donations are always joyously accepted!  Check out the Programs your donation supports. 

Toys, toys, toys We've supplied lots of toys--dog and cat.  It's always time for new toys!

Kennel supplies.  We've bought dozens of towels, dog beds for the dogs and puppies, cozy beds for the kittens and cats, crates, dog and cat food bowls, litter boxes, kitty scratching posts, cardboard carriers, and kennel signs.

Grooming.  Electric clippers, replacement clipper blades, combs, brushes, grooming shears, hair dryers--the animals have to look their best!

More education.   We're always happy to fund the purchase of educational brochures and pamphlets.

Adopt-a-thons.  Shelter "open houses" and off-site adopt-a-thons are a regular occurrence.  We  provide funding for "special touches" - decorations, Halloween candy or Christmas stockings and treats for the children. 

Veterinary.  "We need a quick x-ray to make sure a kitten is "mended" and ready for adoption.  Can you help?"  You bet we can and did.  The kitten was pronounced "ready to go" and she did--she found a new home the next day!  "We've got a momma dog--all eight of her puppies are adopted and she's left.  We have people who are interested in her but she needs surgery.  Can you help?"  Again, we did.  Momma Dog now has her own special people, children to play with, and a dog "pal ."

Spay/Neuter programs When the budget and reality clash, we are there to help fill in the gap to keep these important projects going.  Spay/neuter programs are at the heart of stemming pet overpopulation problems in Albuquerque.  

Foster program.  We are extremely pleased to help with the foster program.  This program saves lives every day!!  The foster parents supply the love and we supply the replacement milk for the puppies and kittens. 


You may let us decide where your donation is spent or you can let us know if you would like it applied in a certain way.  Donations may be designated, for example, for "toys", spay/neuter programs, education, etc. 

 If you would like to make a cash donation, please make your check out to Albuquerque Kennel Kompadres and mail to:


Treasurer, Albuquerque Kennel Kompadres

139 Palacio Rd.

Corrales, NM  87048


Drop your check off at either the Eastside or Westside Animal Care Centers


Send via Pay Pal to


Thank You!












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